I have been working on reels for over 15 years now and have been working on some VERY high end reels of my own, along with customers who are wanting more out of their reels. I pride myself on communication, a quick turnaround and a great overall service.

The oil and grease that I recommend using are the Daiwa Space age Blue grease and Bocas Lightning oil along with Lucas Full Synthetic.  If you have an oil or grease that you use let me know!

I can use whatever the customer is wanting me to put on their reels.


15$     For a REEL cleaning and re-oil and grease

20$    For an install of Bearings and Drags + CLEANING

20$    For just a cleaning and POLISH(Super TUNE)

25$    For cleaning, install of bearings and or drags PLUS Polish of internals ( Super TUNING)

25$    For Pixy Into PIXZILLA, Plus parts

Shipping Is extra as I can ship anyway the Customer would like..

BEARINGS run for a pair 20.00-30.00$ For Boca Orange seal Abec 7s


Worm Bearing and Collar = 15$

DRAGS run anywhere from 10-20$ depending on the reel..

We Work on: Shimanos, Daiwas, Lews, BPS, 13 fishing, Abu Revos, Pretty much all BASS Baitcasters...


Threeltuningandcleaning LLC

Contact Info:

Trey Harpel

Email for Shipping address